This painting uses a variation of calligraphic script derived from “Eastern” Kufic, - a script which overemphasises many qualities of the cursive scripts (i.e. thuluth) in a geometrical style, where slim vertical strokes and tilted strokes animate the more rigid early Kufic.

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  Jamil Arts

As a youth, the beauty of Islamic/Arabic calligraphy inspired Jamil Ahmed. His love for the art form followed down his ancestral line from his great grandfather. Much of his work is derived from the Sacred Qur’anic text. It is his conviction that Islamic art can help towards bridging misunderstanding about Islam and he is delighted to be a part of that bridging process.

The combination of European painting techniques and the Islamic calligraphic disciplines enriches his work and gives it this essence of "time and place" i.e. Islamic Art from the West in the 21st century.  The majority of the Islamic artwork in the past originated from the Middle East and now, Jamil aspires to Europe and the West to produce future masterpieces.

Over the years he has produced numerous pieces of work mainly for private clients along with public exhibitions. His latest exhibition was at the recently opened ‘The London Muslim Centre’, which boasts around ten thousand visitors a week.

On seeing his artwork for the first time, many people who cannot read Arabic and who know little or nothing about Islam or Islamic art, are profoundly touched by it and amazed when the text of an artwork is explained to them. Some people find his work spiritually very uplifting, while others have commented on its immense beauty at first glance. His work has a touch of classic Islamic calligraphy fused with contemporary styles and goes far beyond the “decorative inscriptions” of the past.

He founded the website called jamilarts.com, which he uses as a brand name to promote his work. Jamil in Arabic means ‘Beautiful’, firstly it’s his name, and it’s more befitting for describing the work of art he produces and rightly so the theme of jamilarts - to produce beautiful looking artwork.