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These pieces were inspired by the urban and digital age surrounding us; video games, advancing technology,
artistic graffiti... The ultra-modern arabic typeset against such a backdrop bring a positive twist to the oft-used term clash of civilisations. Immersed in a world of rituals and regulations, dictators and bureaucracy, freedom lies within the soul of the world, Where you find that world is every mans quest.

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  Aerosol Arabic

Taking his form of art from the streets to public exhibitions, Mohammed Ali brings a positive twist to the oft-used term, ‘clash of civilisations’. His work bridges the past with the present, as well as combining culturally defined art forms. Ali takes his techniques from the modern urban art of graffiti and weaves it together with the grace and eloquence of Islamic Arabic calligraphy. It results in a form he dubs ‘Urban Spiritual Art’.

His art is a fluid blend of colours. His primary inspiration remains Islam. He describes the difference between graffiti, as a frustrated and aggressive display of ‘glorifying man’s own status’, and contrasts it with Arabic calligraphy, ‘which depicts the glorification of a divine message’.

Graffiti is what inspired Mohammed to paint and he was commissioned to spray paint murals that reflected the rich diversity of cultures within the city. While working within the games industry for 3 years, Mohammed worked on graphics for gaming consoles. He was further influenced by digital design, while working as a graphic designer for record labels and other entertainment-related clients.

It was his rediscovery of Islam however that led to the fusion of graffiti with calligraphy; and the creative development of Mohammed’s arts venture The Qur’an became Mohammed’s primary inspiration as well as the desire to make change through art within our society.

Mohammed Ali’s work has been broadcast in international media, including the BBC and Al Arabiya TV. His work is being sought after from clients as far afield as from the USA to Dubai and he has undertaken commissions from blue chip nationals. There has also been much interest from the education sector and has been invited to speak about his art at Cambridge University.