Beauty - Simple and Hidden

"Such are the eyes that see beauty, but those eyes only see what no other can see and no other can understand what those eyes see..."

Beauty - The letter 'Jim', first letter of the word beauty in arabic (jameel/jameelun) is in sumbuli script and the actual word beauty is in diwani script. a mixed medium texture for the background and acrylic paint for the calligraphy. an intricate geometric pattern along the side, impressed onto the texture, something that can be seen close up. the choice of colours and pattern are to symbolise beauty, simple and hidden.

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  Raadiyah Bint-Safar

Raadiyah Bint-Safar, is currently studying Professional Practice Photography at Tower Hamlets College. She has also completed foundation studies in art and design at London Met University and has studied Arabic calligraphy under a Sudanese calligrapher, concentrating on the Nakshi and Thuluthi script.

Exhibitions to date:
Creative Links "Abstract Fen Emergence" By CIDA 2001 at the Business Development Centre.
Visual dhikr's "Dhikrullah" at the Whitechapel centre 2004
Currently exhibiting work at "Halaliano" Italian restaurant in Mile End
Also exhibited at different events around London.

Up and coming artist Raadiyah Bint-Safar grew up in London's East End and has always had an avid interest in Art. Her conscious decision to adhere to the Islamic way of life has led her to work more with Arabic Calligraphy and manuscripts. She works mainly in acrylic paints using texture and patterns in her paintings and combining these with calligraphy to give her paintings depth and meaning. She has a vibrant use of colours and fonts and her styles vary with each painting. Her influences and inspiration lie in the rich Islamic and Asian art heritage. Her work is a fusion of the old and new and textures – old world meets the new.